Sunday, February 2, 2014

Thinking Outside of the Box and Bringing it In!

Hello, Beloved Readers!  (all five of you!)

It's been a while.  I have some excuses, but they are boring excuses!  So, to my former co-worker, I dedicate this post to YOU!  There were some who thought we were sisters (we are both white chicks).  So here it is, Libby!  This one is for YOU!  Yes, YOU inspired me!  It only took me an hour to sign-in to blogspot, so you owe me an hour of your life.  To be spent however I want!

Splendid Trash!

So, Rick and I found this really cool salvage shop.  Well, he found it and I tagged along.   I would tell you its name, but it doesn't have one.  For real!  A shop without a name!  I was trying to tag the place on Instagram and so I asked the guy, "What's this placed called?"

"I don't know" he said, "Well, it used to be Junque, but somebody else took that name.  So now it doesn't have a name." This place is a goldmine!  You would think these guys read marketing books and learned how to sell their stuff, but I think they are just doing what they love.

The Statue Without a Head!

The main guy looked like an actor playing the part of a homeless dude.  Super grunge.  I wanted this headless statue, but when I asked him the price, he gave a long pause.  "She's a beauty, isn't she?"  Then he went into this long story about how it was his dad's and it bothered the neighbors that his dad a collection of statues, so some kids vandalized it, but he still has the head.  Here it comes, I thought.  The price is a gazillion coins.  Nope, it's not for sale.  Then he told a story about how Bob Cassilly--of the City Museum, rescued a statue by Michael Angelo from a crazed maniac with a sledge hammer in Paris when he was a teen.  Then he told the story of how Yoko and John Lennon met over a statue.  He had a lot of statue stories and he wasn't even selling the one we wanted.  I am not sure if these stories are true, but we were smitten by the homeless shop owner.

This guy charmed the socks off us!  We bought some stuff!  And we will be back!  Oh, and there was this other guy who worked there--he did Not look homeless.  He was like Vin Diesel's twin. For real! And there was a woman (wife of the homeless guy? Mother of Vin?) who told us about the building--this really cool area where Anheuser Busch used to get their ice.  This place was amazing.  We will be back to buy this crazy French Chandelier.  It looked haunted!  Beautifully haunted!

Bring the Outside Box, In!

So, we found something really cool.  As you may know, we like to think outside of the box when it comes to home decor.  So, the box that goes outside--why not bring it in for a really cool place to stash bills to be paid, or mail to go out.  How's that for thinking outside of the box?  Checkout the character on this beauty!  There must have been Ten mailboxes to choose from.  Standard issue.

Rick hung it for me right by the front door.  I will come home from work, hang my keys on the hook, sort my mail and then put the actionables into the inside mailbox.  How's that for a system?  We just bought a new light switch plate on eBay.  This one is looking a little out of place.

It took me like, two more hours to post these pictures.  Libby, now you owe me THREE hours! I had multiple technical difficulties.  Loading!  Ugh!  Then I tried to remove the red splotch at the bottom of this picture.  Ugh!  The red stain is the remainder of a my bag that I keep by the door.  I used my mac photo shop to the best of my abilities in an effort to remove the red.  I give myself a D+.  Oh, well.  Please ignore the spot!  Let's pretend it's a rose.

More Splendid Trash--Teaser!

More to come from the store with no name!  What do you think this is going to be?  Think OUTSIDE Of THE BOX!