Thursday, March 10, 2011

Splendid Buttons and Felt Pin

I have inherited a butt load of buttons and I love each and every one of them.  The other day, inspiration hit me and I commissioned my daughter to make something lovely.  Inspiration, in our house, often results in a project for someone other than me.  It's convenient that I have artistic and handy relatives (husband and daughter) that I happen to have a lot of influence over.  Mighty handy, I tell you!  I delegate, and that's the gift I possess and utilize until the cows come home.

Isn't she pretty?  I like her a lot.  I call her Flora.

This is another favorite.  I wore this the other night when I was having dinner with my friend/co-worker, Kim.   People get us mixed up all the time at work and it's very confusing.  Any way,  I was wearing this flower and a man at the restaurant told me he liked it and it fit my personality.  Weird, but  I said, "Thanks, my daughter made it."  I thought to my self, wow, this man knows his fashion!  How hip of him!  Then, my dear friend, Kim, walks up and he says, "Is this your daughter?"  I composed my self, "She is practically my twin, we are so close in age!"  What the hay?  But, I am totally over it and apologized for flinging my sushi in his face.

Lucky for us we also have a butt load of safety pins. Karri attached a pin to the back of these splendid creatures, and then I just pin it to my sweater.  They would also look great on jackets and hats.  I really need to learn to knit.  Better yet, is there anyone willing to teach Rick how to knit for me?  He practically collects hobbies.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Fridge Binz and Keeping Your Refrigerator Clean and Organized

Full disclosure here:  I work at The Container Store, but this is not a commercial.  Nobody is paying me to write this post.  I love my job, the company, everyone I work with, our customers, and moreover, I love our products! 

Today I would like to feature an unassuming, overlooked-product that will change the way you organize your refrigerator.  "What?"  you say.  "Isn't that a bit extreme?  Why should I organize my refrigerator?"  Let me ask you this: ave you ever had multiple bottles of open catsup in your refrigerator?  Have you ever cleaned out your fridge and a day later, no evidence of your labors?  Have you ever stood with the door open looking for an item you were sure you had, only to find it weeks later ready for the science fair?  Are you constantly throwing away moldy food?  Dude, you need to organize your refrigerator!  You are wasting time, energy and more importantly, MONEY, BABY!

I am ashamed to say that I ignored this product until a customer asked for it and I didn't even know what she was talking about.  When we finally located it on the shelf, I asked her to tell me why she liked it so much.  I don't remember what she said, but I bought my first Fridge Binz that very day.  She was passionate and I was soon to supercede her enthusium.

Check-out the obedient condiment soldiers,  lined up, ready to battle the burger and fries.  Notice the built-in handle?  Super smart!  The construction of these babies match the heavy duty strength of the refrigerator!  

Like items can be placed  together making it easier to find the yogurt or Kimchee.  No longer forgotten capers or spoiled leftovers to plague your food budget!  You can designate a tray for lunch items, snacks, leftovers or whatever!  An added benefit of the Fridge Binz is that if you're defrosting chicken leaks, simply pull the bin out and wipe clean.  Without the Fridge Binz, a spill can result in a complete refrigerator clean-up.  What a time sucker!

Fridge Binz come in different sizes and heights to suite your needs.  The depth  fits perfectly in a standard refrigerator.  No wasted space.

So, come on in to The Container Store!  It's the first step to a beautiful, organized and hassle free refrigerator.