Saturday, May 24, 2014

Stripping Tea Tins

I Love Metal, Concrete and the Smell of a Skunk!

I know that it's strange to claim to love metal, but I also love concrete and the scent of a good skunk.  I believe that skunks have gotten a bad rap.  They smell a little bit like rubber bands.  No one ever smells a box of rubber bands and exclaim "Ewwwwww!  I smell rubber bands!" I believe we have been conditioned to think that skunks stink.  A friend suggested that maybe we have Saturday morning cartoons to blame.  Who knows where the little critters got the bad reputation.  Back to the subject at hand--

I also love tea and enjoy collecting cute little metal tea tins.  Since I drink so much tea and I can't throw the tins away, I have more than I know what do with, which necessitates a brainstorming session with myself.  

Here is one of my favorite little cups that I found at Goodwill.  I hand wash it because I love it so much.  I also don't leave it outside for weeks.  I take a little cream  with my tea, making it look like coffee.  Coffee gags me, so tea is my coffee and I feel grownup when I drink my tea with cream.  I insist on drinking from a dainty little tea cup, especially on Saturday mornings.  I digress.  

Back to the Tea Tins.  I have been collecting these tins for some time and wanted to try stripping them of their paint and then repurposing them.  I could leave them as is, but they distract me.  They aren't cute.  Someone, I won't mention any names, insisted that stripping would not work and it would be a failed project.  I am always up for a good challenge, so I pulled out the big guns.

This was all I needed, plus some steel-wool, and wet sandpaper for the stubborn paint.  And a scraping thing--whatever that is called.  I think its called a scraper.  

I used an old paint brush and painted on the striper really super thick.  This particular tin started peeling pretty quickly.  The black tins were not as obedient, but some steel-wool and wet sandpaper helped.  Let the stripper set for a bit to begin eating the paint, but don't let it dry.  Try letting the stripper set for 10 or 15 minutes.  You may have to repeat the process.  

Stripper is powerful, so be sure to wear protective gloves.  In my estimation, the key here is to wear two left gloves.  It must be the secret to my super successful stripping.  I was told it couldn't be done!  Although the black paint was a bear, I stripped the heck out of these tins.  After the tins were mostly clean, I used a little steel wool and wet sandpaper.

I could have spent a little more time to get the black ones really clean, but I like the haunting look that the little paint evokes.  Plus, I am a Shabby Chic kind of girl.  

Splendid Trash

And there you have it!  Pretty tins that you can repurpose for so many things. Here are just a few ideas for your newly designed tins:

Cotton Balls
Hair Ties
Craft Supplies
Sewing Supplies
Office Supplies
Chocolate Supplies
Tea Supplies

Just checking to see if you are still reading this post.  'Pickles' is a funny word and I wanted to wake you up.  Hello!  Please don't put pickles in your tin.  And please don't do drugs.

Now go repurpose something and make something useful!  Make some Splendid Trash!

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